Meet Coinflix, the first R&D project 🎉

We will describe how we built a prototype in just 1 week and won a great Paralect partner.

Technologies: PWA, Next.js, React Native, Airtable,, Tally, Mixpanel, Testflight.

Coinflix <> Paralect story

The request came from Landon Sanford, who was one of the 3 winners of Paralect Accelerator batch 1.

Landon is a serial entrepreneur and professional product manager. He is ex-Y Combinator, ex-Googler with around 10 companies he previously founded in AI, content, local discovery (see his impressive journey in LinkedIn).

Landon applied to Accelerator with Slaps — video-based local discovery app for the best places for Gen Z. We were excited to have such a promising founder and made our offer.

But Landon refused our accelerator proposal back then.

He was going to build a quick prototype with very limited functionality to validate the product first. The true idea-stage MVP.

In November 2021, we messaged Landon to see how the things are going. Turned out, he started working on the new startup, Coinflix, and needed the help with the new prototype.

Landon sticked to his original product approach. Launch the product on a tight schedule with lean resources and minimal functionality to test the product hypothesis and find the niche.

This mindset fits perfectly with the vision of our new R&D department.


What is Coinflix?

Coinflix is a new type of creator-platform. It leverages crypto and the blockchain to better reward creators & consumers by truly letting them be co-owners in the platform.

The content itself is snackable mini-series, a new form of cliffhanger hook video content centered around sequential micro episodes created by anyone.

In the consumer society, a differentiated platform is in constant need for creators and consumers to overcome the network effect. 💡